New publication about group-based health programmes

We are pleased to announce a new publication from Ola’s PhD thesis entitled ‘A checklist to improve reporting of group-based behaviour-change interventions’ in the journal BMC Public Health. It is free to access.

Health promotion programmes are often delivered in groups but their description in publications rarely provide enough details to understand what exactly was done. For instance, insufficient details of how the groups are composed, how people become group members, or the style of facilitation. This means that it is difficult to compare studies and identify what makes some programmes more effective than others. Without sufficient details it is also impossible to learn from the successful programmes and replicate them. This project aimed to address this problem by developing a checklist highlighting the important elements of group programmes.

The checklist can be used to improve academic reporting and also as a guide for designing group-based health promotion programmes. At PenCRU we are drawing on this research in developing a group-based programme to improve the health and wellbeing of parent carers. You can find out more about the programme development here.

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