Review of the Evidence for Sleep Positioning Systems Published

We are pleased to announce the publication of our Cochrane review into the effectiveness of sleep positioning systems for children with cerebral palsy. The topic for this review was suggested by parents at the launch event for PenCRU, so it was one of our first projects.

The focus of the review was whether sleep positioning systems help to prevent or reduce hip migration. We also looked for evidence for the impact sleep positioning systems have on physical functioning, pain, quality of sleep and quality of life for the family and child using the equipment.

This review was conducted for The Cochrane Library, one of the best sources of high level evidence available. Cochrane reviews of the effectiveness of interventions tend to include only evidence from randomised controlled trials as the most robust evidence for treatments.

The review shows that there is very little high-quality evidence of the impact of sleep positioning systems and no high-quality evidence that using them reduces or prevents hip migration for children with cerebral palsy.

The review has been published by The Cochrane Library and is FREE to access here.

We have also written a separate plain language summary with parent carers from our Family Faculty which you can read here.

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