Healthy Parent Carers project publication

We are very pleased to share news of the publication of an academic paper about the first phase of our health promotion intervention for parents of disabled children - Healthy Parent Carers. The paper is published by the journal BMC Public Health

Our Healthy Parent Carers programme aims to improve parent carers’ health and wellbeing by encouraging them to take time for themselves and through activities to promote empowerment, confidence, and resilience. The programme promotes making small changes to behaviours which are associated with better health and wellbeing. It uses a concept called CLANGERS, which stands for Connect, Learn, be Active, Notice, Give, Eat well, Relax and Sleep. All of which can be perceived to be more of a challenge for parents of children with special educational needs and disability.

In this paper we describe the development and theory behind the programme, and describe an initial study to test whether parent carers would participate and whether the programme could be delivered successfully. This enables us to say we have shown the intervention can work ‘in principle’.

We are proud of our two Family Faculty members who are co-authors. Bel and Mary were heavily involved in designing the programme utilising their years of experience of running peer support groups and training befrienders. They delivered the sessions and helped to refine the programme.

Read more about the Healthy Parent Carers programme and access some of the resources.

The paper is published ‘Open Access’ which means it is freely available.












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