New evidence summary: Colourful Semantics for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Our latest evidence summary reviews the evidence on Colourful Semantics as a tool to help with language development in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Key findings:

  • Colourful Semantics is an approach used in Speech and Language Therapy to help children with language development.
  • This approach uses colour codes to breakdown sentence structures.
  • There is a lack of research on the use of Colourful Semantics for children with Autism.
  • Research with children with Developmental Language Disorder (previously referred to as Specific Language Impairment) suggests Colourful Semantics may be a useful approach to consider for children with more severe language disorders.

You can read the full evidence summary here: Colourful Semantics

Parent careres from our family faculty  and academic experts in the field contributed to this summary.

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