Recent Publications

Two academic papers have been published recently relating to research evaluating peer support. Both are free to access the full texts. These publications demonstrate how we work closely with our colleagues and groups in the University of Exeter College of Medicine and Health and PenCLAHRC.

 One is a paper on public involvement in health economic related research with Dr Annie Hawton in our Health Economics Group. We are one of three groups reflecting on our experience of involving the public in child health research. In our case we describe how parent carers were involved in a study we worked on several years ago evaluating the costs and benefits of Face2Face peer support in Devon and Cornwall. We structured our reflections in each case using the GRIPP2 guidance for reporting for public involvement in research.

 The other paper is the protocol for our systematic review evaluating peer support for parents of babies in neonatal units, work led by colleagues in our PenCLAHRC Evidence Synthesis Team. A protocol is an essential part of a research project. It describes in detail how the research will be carried out. It is good practice to publish protocols and make them freely available so anyone can see how the research will be carried out, and important details cannot be changed after the research had begun. Alongside the paper we have created a plain language summary protocol which aims to be a more accessible summary version of the full research protocol.

 We maintain a list of all our publications and plain language summaries.

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