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Published May 2011, based on Cochrane review May 2010

PLEASE NOTE: This summary was produced more than 4 years ago. Information provided may be out of date. If you think it would be helpful to update this summary please contact us at pencru@exeter.ac.uk

Download the full evidence summary PDF: WTE SALT


Key Report Identified:

  • ‘Speech and Language Therapy Interventions for Children with Primary Speech and Language Delay or Disorder’ – a Cochrane review


Key Findings From Identified Report:

  • This review concludes that the studies did not show a difference between the effects of group and individual speech and language interventions.
  • Also of interest is that no significant differences were found between clinician administered interventions and interventions implemented by trained parents.


This information is produced by PenCRU researchers and reviewed by external experts. The views expressed are those of PenCRU at the University of Exeter Medical School and do not represent the views of the Cerebra charity, or any other parties mentioned. We strongly recommend seeking medical advice before undertaking any treatments/therapies.