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Siblings of children with a disability

Published November 2016 based on an evidence review published in March 2014

Read the evidence review publsihed by Sibs: Children and adolescents who are the siblings of children with intellectual disabilities or autism: Research evidence


An evidence review published by Sibs in collaboration with the University of Warwick provides an overview of sibling research. The evidence review focusses on larger scale and more recent research studies. 


Key findings taken from the evidence review:

  • Research evidence suggests that sibling psychological well-being and their relationships with their brother or sister with disabilities are relatively unaffected in a negative direction.
  • There is evidence that a small number of siblings may be adversely affected.
  • However, overall the research evidence focused on siblings is limited and there are considerable gaps with many unanswered questions.
  • There is a clear need for a research prioritisation exercise involving all stakeholders with interests in siblings of disabled children.