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Plain Language Summaries

A plain language summary is a brief version of an academic paper or other document, that has been written to be accessible to everyone. It is written clearly, and includes explanations for any technical terms that are used.

PenCRU have produced plain language summaries of our publications. These have been written by members of our Family Faculty and members of our research team together. If you are interested in seeing the full publication for any of these summaries please get in touch.

Benefits and costs of peer support plain language summary  PDF 501 KB

Developing a definition of neurodisability plain language summary PDF 394 KB‌

Families views on key outcomes for neurodisability plain language summary PDF 592 KB‌

Hospital communication study plain language summary PDF 417 KB‌

Positive attitudes towards disability plain language summary PDF 732 KB

What are professionals trying to achieve plain language summary PDF 712 KB

PenCRU have also collaborated on a study led by researchers at Chailey Heritage Clinical Services, part of Sussex Community NHS Trust, to develop a new Eating and Drinking Ability Classification System (EDACS) for people with cerebral palsy. The study is published in a journal called Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, and a plain language summary is available:

EADCS plain language summary PDF 732 KB