What is the Peninsula Childhood Disability Research Unit?

The Peninsula Childhood Disability Research Unit (PenCRU) seeks to carry out research that families with disabled children think is relevant and produces information likely to be useful to their lives.

PenCRU responds to questions from families about therapies and health services for children and young people with special educational needs and / or disability.  

We involve families affected by childhood disability in all aspects of our research and related activities.  

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What’s the Evidence?

Our 'What's the Evidence?' reports summarise what is known about the effectiveness about a particular treatment or therapy. These are written in response to questions from families.

Families have previously asked: Is there any evidence that Conductive Education is effective to improve functioning for children with Cerebral Palsy and Brain Injury and Motor Disorders?

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Get involved!

We have built up a large faculty of families from around Devon and the UK who are interested in our work. Our members are mainly parents of children living in Devon, with a few from farther afield. Membership of the Family Faculty can keep you informed about the work that we are doing and you can be involved at a level that suits you.

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