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Payment policy for involvement by families

Our policies around payment, travel and childcare for families who are involved

PenCRU's payment policy

The core activities of PenCRU are funded by PenARC or funders of specific projects and through this we are able to reimburse families for their travel expenses (within the south-west) and childcare costs when attending PenCRU meetings. We have secured funding from PenARC so that we are able to 'acknowledge' families for their time; the amount of 'acknowledgment' depends on the time involved, see below.

Current university rates for expenses:  

Car journeys:  45p per mile for first 100 miles, thereafter 25p per mile
Bicycle journeys: 20p per mile
Motorcycle journeys: 24p per mile for first 100 miles, thereafter 9p per mile
Local Bus/train/taxi: an original ticket or receipt for that journey will be required.

Please note if you are travelling with us to a conference or meeting further afield we will organise and pay for your travel and accommodation and there should be no need to claim via this system.

Childcare costs: We can cover cost of childcare expense for parents to attend meetings; the childcare provider must be ofsted registered and you will need to provide their registration number and a receipt.

Children involved with PenCRU: As with families we are able to offer 'acknowledgement' to children who get involved in the unit activities; we are able to do this in the form of a shopping voucher.

Involvement in individual projects: We seek funding for individual research projects from other agencies.  Where possible, it is usual practice for payment for involvement to be built into the proposed budget.  The amounts of payment may vary and we will inform you of what they are at the start of each project.

PenARC ’acknowledgement’ rates:

Casual meeting (this type of meeting will not require any preparation work): £15

Formal Meeting up to half day (this type of meeting may require a small amount of preparation work): £30

Formal Meeting full day (this type of meeting may require a small amount of preparation work): £60

Formal meeting up to half day with significant preparatory work (this type of meeting will require a significant amount of preparation work either before or after the meeting): £75

Formal meeting full day with significant preparatory work (this type of meeting will require a significant amount of preparation work either before or after the meeting): £150

Commenting on a Lay Summary and feedback on materials (usually a one page document): £15

Online Meetings (In addition to above to cover data usage) £5

How to claim: We are part of the University of Exeter and reimbursement for expenses and ‘acknowledgement’ is paid through their finance system. When you attend a meeting or complete a task for PenCRU we will give you a ‘Non-Staff Expenses’ claim form. Please remind us if you are not given one. The form needs to be completed and signed by you and returned to the unit for signing and processing. We will provide you with a freepost envelope. You will receive the money direct into your bank account. (Please note that depending on when the form is received by our finance department payment can take 6-8weeks). Please see information below regarding receiving reimbursement for expenses and ‘acknowledgement’ payment.

Guide to receiving payment (the following information is merely a guide)

You are advised that any payment for your participation might affect your entitlement to benefits. We would suggest that people who are considering paid or unpaid involvement should speak with their personal adviser at Jobcentre Plus before starting.

However, people who use services and carers’ benefits will not be affected by repayment of out-of-pocket expenses, and people who use services and carers may now decline an offer of a payment, ask to be paid a lower amount, or ask for the payment to be made to a charity and will not be treated as if they had been paid the full amount on offer.

For 'acknowledgement' payments the rules differ depending on which benefits you receive, and we would advise you to consult your local Jobcentre Plus office or local advice agency (e.g. Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) if you are in any doubt about the effects any payments may have on your benefits, or wish to seek advice in relation to your income tax arrangements.

It is each individual claimant’s responsibility to inform the relevant authorities of any payment received. It is also the individual claimant’s responsibility to declare any payments received if they are self-employed or in full-time employment.

Note: Statutory organizations are required to give accurate details of any payments made to you if requested to do so, and the University will have to comply with this.

Please click here for a guide produced by The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) covering the important changes in benefits rules since April 2014 about payment for involvement and the implications for you.

Other PenCRU Policies

 PenCRU also adheres to the following University of Exeter policies: