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What are our evidence summaries all about, and how do we produce them?

Our 'What’s the Evidence?' summaries are an ongoing series of reports designed to summarise what is known on specific questions relating to childhood disability. These reports are a synthesis of existing research and are not new studies that we have carried out.

How we produce our evidence summaries

Want to know more about how our evidence summaries are produced? Overview of how our summaries are produced

You can explore our evidence summaries either by condition, through the A to Z list of therapies, or by searching using the search box at the top of the page.

Indexed conditions

Indexed therapies (A-Z)

Other questions we have been asked

  • Military families
  • Health problems in carers of children with neurodisability
  • Seizures and ASD
  • Maternal thyroid and ADHD/ASD
  • Siblings with neurodisability

Please note: the views expressed here are those of the Peninsula Cerebra Research Unit and do not represent the views of the Cerebra charity, or any other parties mentioned. We strongly recommend seeking medical advice before undertaking any treatments/therapies not prescribed within the NHS.