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PenCRU responds to questions from families and professionals about therapies and health services for children and young people affected by disability, or who have special or additional health needs.

If you have a question, it helps if you can think about it in the PICO format.

PICO is a term used to describe four things you need to think about when asking a question that can be researched.

  • What Population are you interested in?  This describes the group you are interested in, e.g. age and condition.
  • What Intervention do you want to find out about?  This is the treatment or service you want to find out about, for the specified population.
  • What is the Control?  This is what you want to compare the intervention or treatment with, for example, you may want to compare a new treatment with what children with this condition usual receive. 
  • What Outcome are you interested in?  This is what you hope to happen or achieve as a result of the intervention. 

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