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Get involved

Find out who can get involved in PenCRU activities and how

We work with:

1) families of children with neurodisability (these families are part of our Family Faculty),

2) professionals in children’s health services, education and social care, and

3) researchers

There are a range of opportunities for families, professionals and researchers to get involved in research at PenCRU - from keeping up to date with our work by receiving our emails and newsletters, to posing research questions, developing ideas into research projects, and getting involved in active research studies.

If you are a professional or a researcher please do get in contact if you would like to know more about how to get involved in PenCRU. These ‘Get Involved’ pages are mainly aimed at families as they are less likely to have opportunities to be involved in research.

It’s important to note, we do research with families from our Family Faculty, not on them. This means that we are not looking to run tests or experiments on our Family Faculty members. Instead we work with families to find out about their life experiences and use these to ensure that our research is worthwhile.

We have tried not to use too much jargon on this site, but will inevitably have failed in some instances, so please check the Research Terms page, and if you see something else that isn't clear please let us know so we can add it to the list!

You can find out more about the opportunities for getting involved by exploring the links on this page and please see our handbook for more information about how PenCRU and the Family Faculty work together.