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How we are funded

From 2009 until autumn 2018 PenCRU benefited from funding from the charity Cerebra. The charity has faced extreme income challenges in the last year and, with regret, we accepted the decision of Cerebra to terminate our research funding contract early. In the short term the University of Exeter Medical School is supporting the unit whilst we seek alternative partnerships and other sources of funding to secure the future of the unit.

PenCRU has been successful in securing funding from National Institute for Health Research to support several individual studies as chief or co-investigators. PenCRU also benefits from being integral to the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) South West Peninsula (known as PenARC).  For major research projects we require substantive additional funding for which we apply to programmes operated by the NIHR, Medical Research Council and charities that fund research.

PenCRU is an independent academic research unit at the University of Exeter Medical School. The views and opinions expressed by PenCRU in this report are those of the PenCRU team and not necessarily those of the NHS, the NIHR, the Department of Health and Social Care.