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New member of PenCRU team

We are delighted to welcome Ravi Poorun as a new researcher on the PenCRU team. Ravi is a paediatric specialist trainee in Exeter where he combines his clinical training with his research interests.

His DPhil involved seeking to understand the potential long-term effects of early neonatal exposure to painful and stressful events.

Ravi's clinical career aspirations are to work in paediatric and neonatal neurology focussing on sleep and pain medicine.

His research goals are to understand the link between neonatal sleep and its long term effects. His aim is to translate his research findings into supporting and optimising sleep in the neonatal unit. We can hear the parents and staff cheering already- but only quietly so as not to wake the babies! He hopes to improve therapeutic interventions and encourage family-centred interactions with their babies, to promote normal brain development and so improve neurodevelopmental outcomes later in childhood.

Ravi says, "I love sleep!"