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Javiera celebrates

We are pleased and proud to share news that Javiera Salazar Rivera graduated in December with Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD) as a member of the Graduate School of Education at the University of Exeter; her supervisors were Neil Harrison and Chris Morris.

Javiera, now Dr Salazar Rivera, is an Occupational Therapist from Chile. She first completed an MA in Special Educational Needs and MSc in Research at the University of Exeter before moving on to her PhD.

Her doctoral research focused on how occupational therapists work with students with special educational needs or disabilities in school settings. The research included a scoping review of interventions provided by school-based occupational therapists, a cross-sectional survey with occupational therapists in Chile, and qualitative research with a sub-set of survey participants.

The thesis sets out recommendations to promote more inclusive practices for occupational therapists supporting children with special educational needs or disabilities in schools.

The thesis is deposited in Open Research Exeter