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Recent Publications


Merrick HDriver HMain CRyan P, Kenny W, Richmond CAllard A, Bola K, Morris CParr JR, Pearson FPennington LResetting Services Team (2023). Impacts of health care service changes implemented due to COVID‐19 on children and young people with long‐term disability: A mapping review  Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology - Wiley Online Library

Sellers D, Pennington L, Bryant E, Benfer K, Weir K, Aboagye S, Morris C (2022). Mini‐EDACS: Development of the Eating and Drinking Ability Classification System for young children with cerebral palsy. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology64(7), 897-906


Nguyen L, van Oort B, Davis H, van der Meulen E, Dawe-McCord C, Franklin A, Gorter JW, Morris C, Ketelaar M (2022). Exploring the “how” in research partnerships with young partners by experience: lessons learned in six projects from Canada, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Research Involvement and Engagement8(1).