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Projects and meetings


Healthy Parent Carers

13 November 2017 ‌Healthy Parent Carer Meeting 13 November 2017
3 July 2017 Healthy Parents meeting
24 November 2016 Healthy Parents meeting 
9 November 2015 Healthy Parents meeting
6 October 2015 Healthy Parents meeting 
8 July 2015 Healthy Parents meeting 
3 June 2015 Healthy Parents meeting
6 May 2015 Healthy Parents Project meeting 
27 January 2015 Healthy Parents Project meeting 
18 June 2014 Healthy Parents Project meeting
3 April 2014 Healthy Parents Project meeting
27 February Healthy Parent Carers Meeting 27 Feb 2014                                   
17th January 2014 Healthy Parents Project meeting                                


Advisory Group

30 November 2015 PenCRU Advisory Group meeting
16 July 2015 PenCRU Advisory Group meeting 
2 December 2014 PenCRU Advisory Group meeting‌ 
17 July 2014 PenCRU Advisory Group meeting 
5th December 2013 ‌ Notes of PenCRU Advisory Group Meeting                
27th June 2013 Notes of PenCRU Advisory Group Meeting 
14th June 2012 Advisory group meeting 
30th June 2011 Advisory group meeting 
3rd February 2011 Advisory group meeting 
23rd September 2010 Advisory group meeting 
10th June 2010 Advisory group meeting 
11th March 2010 Advisory group meeting 
10th December 2009 Advisory group meeting 
30th June 2009 Advisory group meeting 
5th May 2009 Advisory group meeting   


Hospital Communication

4 July 2014 Hospital Communications meeting 
26th November 2013 Hospital Communications meeting 
25th January 2012 Improving communication with children...                     


APEx-D: Autism Dentistry                                                    

13 July 2015 APEx-D meeting 
1 June 2015 APEx-D meeting 
13 February 2014 Oral Health and Dentistry meeting 


Benefits and Costs of Peer Support

11th July 2013 Peer support stakeholder group meeting  
12th July 2012 Peer support project stakeholder meeting
8th March 2012 Peer support study meeting 
20th July 2011 Peer support study stakeholder group meeting 
18th May 2011 Peer support systematic review meeting                            


Active Console Games

1st December 2011 'Computer Games' working group meeting 
14th September 2011 'Computer Games' working group meeting               


Cerebral Visual Impairment

7 June 2016 - CVI Meeting Notes 

22 November 2017 - CVI Meeting Notes                                                   



Involving Children and Young People                                  

29 April 2014 Involving Children and Young People Parents Meeting
21st January 2014 Involving Children and Young People Parents’ Meeting
14th May 2013 ‌ Involving Children and Young People Parent's Meeting
26th February 2013 ‌ SR: Involving Children In Research
4th April 2012 'Involving Children in Research' working group 



Specialist Seating     

‌19th September 2013 Specialist Seating meeting‌                                     
29th September 2010 Wheelchair services meeting                                


Understanding Children's Attitudes towards Disability      

26th April 2013 Promoting positive attitudes meeting notes 
‌23rd October 2012 Social inclusion meeting 
19th January 2012 Social inclusion meeting 
10th February 2011 Social inclusion meeting
2nd December 2010 Social inclusion meeting 
22nd September 2010 ‌Social inclusion meetingSocial inclusion meeting